Manna Pure Aloe vera Natural Herbal dish wash 500 g

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Manna Aloe vera Dish Wash   makes your dishes cleaner than ever

Manna Aloe vera  Dish wash is more influential and strong which easily removes the stains and lubricants from your vessels.

ABOUT Manna  ALOE CLEAN Aloe Clean products carry the goodness

of Aloe Vera and herbal cleaning properties of Soapnuts and other value

enhancing ingredients. Aloe clean products are made with pure herbal

and natural ingredients and are entirely free of chemicals. ABOUT ALOE

CLEAN HERBAL DISH WASH Aloe clean is a bio-degradable formula

made with plant extracts and aromatic oils, which offers an efficient

cleanliness to the utensils and making them sparkle shiny. – Eco-Friendly

Herbal Receipe- An exclusive blend of plant extracts and aromatic oils,

i.e. non-toxic, herbal dishwashing liquid which effectively cuts grease,

stubborn stains, leaving behind dazzlingly clean dishes. – Superior

Results – Aloe Vera enhanced formula is gentle on hands and makes

dishes cleaning easy. It is excellent for keeping dishes clean and germs

at bay. – Gentle On Hands – It is a natural dishwasher, which is not only

safe but also gentle on hands, capable of removing stains and keeps

utensils germs.

Ingredients–Base,  aloe vera 90%,   lime 2%, Tamarind 2%,Soap nut 2%


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